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I began working with Jules in the fall of 2015 after searching for something different than my normal intense workout routine. Jules was offering a 30 minute yoga session over skype which was intriguing for me and easy since I was all about not having to leave my house, having 4 little ones at that time. Our first session together was awesome and I was hooked. I was amazed at how well she could communicate poses and explain how to position my body even though she wasn’t physically there with me. I set my sites on improving my physical strength and flexibility enough to do the splits, and also reframe my idea of exercise to a calmer, more peaceful practice of moving. Both of these were challenging for me but Jules made it so much easier. She was genuine, supportive, sincere and always checking in with me in how I was doing and what I wanted. In the time we worked together I was able to improve my hip flexibility by leaps and bounds, do the splits with my hands over my head ( without crying and after having two sets of twins I might add), improve my knowledge of poses, my skill at holding the hard ones and I just had a really good time. Jules is an awesome person, a knowledgeable teacher and someone who cares about everyone she works with. I enjoyed every minute of our time together and would recommend her highly to anyone considering working with her.
Luciana Naldi  – Self-Care Coach, Forever Athlete and Twin Herder Extraordinaire

As a non-yogi I really appreciated the personalized aspect and was amazed at how observant she is at correcting your posture through the Skype screen. Jules was very good about working with my travel schedule and was always punctual and friendly. I even Skyped from hotel rooms in other countries! As someone who hates driving to the gym and who will hide in the back of a yoga class to “fake” my way through the hour, using a Skype yoga teacher was a great investment for me and I have been telling everyone that they need to consider Skype Yoga – Anna H.

I have been working out with Julie for a little more than a year now. Julie is fantastic! She listens to your needs and limitations, she will always find a way to make you sweat, stretch and balance without the feeling that you are in a boot camp. However, if you wish the boot camp feeling, I am sure that she will be delighted to come up with something (I can see her smile now!). Julie is so amazing that she can make an athlete exhausted or a couch potato to move, she includes exercises that you may not think that is doing anything at all until you feel it next day. In addition to being an excellent trainer, Julie has the ability to deal with people with very different personalities, whether you are outgoing or shy, she will always respect you and your needs. She is also amazing with kids and she can train them!
Julie, you rock! – Jacqueline A.


Julie is an amazing find!!!!! Weight has always been an issue with me and body image (a very poor one) and Julie is turning that around for me. I have been working with her for seven months and although the result don’t seem impressive……they are! I have lost 10 lbs, 5 percent of body fat and I feel great. I do have a way to go before my goal is reached, however I am doing it at a good steady pace. I have definition in my legs and arms and I am starting to develop really nice abs. Julie incorporates many different forms of exercises so there is no burn out and your body will always be changing. I promise should you hire Julie you will not be sorry with that decision. I too would highly recommend her for someone who is willing to work as hard as Julie does to get you HEALTHY!!!!!  Leslie L. 

I have worked with Julie in the past and found that her ability to pick the perfect exercise & weights to induce a reward without pain was amazing. I had chronic back pain before I started working with her. She was able to recognize my body’s weakness so she could fix that for me. My back pain went away. She also helped me lose a high percent of body fat, several inches and now I actually look forward to working out! I stopped using her services when I had to change careers. My back pain came back and so did the fat. I hired her again and the pain went away and I lost 6% body fat within 5 weeks of working with her only one day a week! She is very sweet, understanding, calm and also encouraging. She doesn’t make you feel bad, like you were a slacker (even though I was)! I would highly recommend her for someone who wants success, and is willing to listen to what Julie says. – Gretchen L. 


I started working with Julie after I had my second child. She helped me lose 40 pounds and many inches off my waist and hips. When I started back to work after being home with my kids, I was trying to manage a new job, 2 kids, upkeep of a house, etc. My time for exercise went on the back burner. Therefore, the weight came back. I knew what I needed to do…find Julie! I knew she could help get me back on track. She has a way of motivating you and challenging you that I have not found with any other trainer. She is creative with the workouts she has me do. And her regular monitoring of my progress allows her to adjust workouts as needed. She has a great personality and is very easy to talk to. I highly recommend her!! – Antonietta Q. 

I have been working with Julie for about 4 months. I have lost over 15 pounds and shed more than 5 inches around my waist. I found Julie because I was tired of feeling bad about myself and having issues with my self image. I gained 90 pounds when I was pregnant and two years had gone by and I did nothing except hide in my house and wear sweatpants and sweatshirts all the time to hide. Now I go into any clothing store and feel confident about what I look like and guess what, I can wear just about anything now and I feel great. The work outs are intense and takes dedication. Julie is very understanding and I dont feel like Im at boot camp. I would highly recommend her to help you achieve your goals. – Kendra C.