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Happy Thanksgiving 2015

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It’s that time of year, when we all gather around the table to eat, drink and be merry. It’s also that time of year when we say F* to our “diets” and let ourselves have a little slack and eat what we want. It is also that time of year when after it’s over we step on the scale and say “Damn it.”

Yes, the holidays are here and we have a choice, we can either love ourselves and hate the table or hate ourselves and love the table….OR we could have both.

Is that even possible? Absolutely! I have a few tips and tricks that should help you get through this Thanksgiving and the rest of the holidays either losing or maintaining your weight.

1. Ditch the “All or nothing attitude.” When we look at food and eating as all or nothing we are more likely than not to make choices that we will regret later. Before you sit down to the table look over everything that is in front of you. Decide what you want and have it.  This leads me to the next tip.

2. Lose the its good or bad mentality. Yes there are going to be foods at the table that are better for you than others but don’t label the food good or bad. If you want something eat it. Here’s the deal, have one helping of it not three. Labeling food good or bad, is an invitation to let the all or nothing attitude take over. The thought well I just at something “bad” is going to put a negative spin on things and it is just going to give you permission to make choices that you will regret later. Allow yourself a piece of pumpkin pie just don’t eat the whole pie.

3. Eat sitting down. I know this sounds obvious but stick with me here. I’m not talking about the actual dinner, I am talking about the hor dorves that will be served before dinner. You know they are going to be there so allot for them in your menu planning for the day. Standing and eating hor derves will make you more likely to eat more because you are not focusing on the food you are eating rather the conversation you are having making you more likely to mindlessly eat and grab more if you are near the table where they are served. Take a minute, look over what is being offered and take what you REALLY want then walk away and have a seat.

Sitting when you eat will make you more aware of what you are consuming and more than likely by the time you want to get up and get seconds, you will not want to because you are comfortable right where you are and you have satisfied your craving because you allowed yourself to eat without guilt.

4. Enjoy the food. More than likely there will be left overs and you will be eating turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes for the next week. So with that being said, slow down, enjoy the company and savor each bite. Remind yourself that Thanksgiving is more than shoveling food down your throat until you feel like you are going to burst. It’s about spending time with family and friends and enjoying the company while you eat a nice meal.

5. Drink water. Very simple yet effective way to make sure that you are hydrated and it also helps to prevent you from over eating in two ways. 1. Being hydrated will make you less likely to over eat. It does this because a lot of times thirst misinterpretted for hunger. 2. Drinking water will also help to fill you faster so you will have less room in your stomach to ingest more food. The feeling full will help you to stop eating before you actually do over eat.

6. Relax. Take a deep breath before you enter the food zone. These types of situations can make you very anxious and anxiety can cause you to over eat because you are trying to eat to get comfortable. Before heading to the table remind yourself of tips 1 & 2 ditch the all or nothing and don’t label food good or bad.

7. Enjoy! This is supposed to be a fun time of year. It is supposed to be about being grateful for all that we have from good health to family and friends.

My wish for you is that you have a wonderful holiday season. I want you to be able to be around food and not feel overwhelmed. There are 100’s of things to feel overwhelmed about…like your mother-in-law making nasty comments to her ex-husband or your brother bringing up that time when you were ten and you farted at the dinner table in front of his best friend who you had a huge crush on. Let those things be the things you worry about….not food.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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