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Wellness means everything

Today I went and conquered my fear…it was very liberating and very relaxing! Today I got a pedicure. While one may not necessarily associate health and wellness with pedicures, let me tell you otherwise.  Wellness is not just about running until you puke or lifting weights til your arms fall off. Its about taking care of yourself on all levels of your life. I would say that I am fit, I workout three to five times a week depending on my schedule and I eat healthfully. I take time to see the doctor when necessary and get a good nights sleep.

However, until today, I never associated a pedicure with wellness. Soaking in the warm bubbling and soapy water, my feet slowly began to melt into a full state of relaxation. It hit me then and there that my poor feet get shoved into shoes, covered in sox, stood on and ran on all day! They never really get a break! Then the pedicurist showed me how to work the massaging chair I was sitting in.  As I sat back and enjoyed the moments that ensued, I realized that this too is wellness. The stress that I was carrying that day dissipated as the pedicurist wrapped my shins in warm towels and the massage chair rolled up and down my back.
Finding ways to eliminate or reduce stress can help us live a much more productive and satisfying life. I’m not saying all stress is bad but our body reacts the same whether it’s good or bad. Our brain may be able to decipher what is good stress and what is bad stress but our bodies internal reaction (adrenaline) is going to kick in regardless.

My recommendation to combat stress…a pedicure. What I learned from this experience is that not only did I need to conquer a fear (a stressor)  I also gained a new way to alleviate stress, while at the same time gave my feet the royal treatment that they so desperately deserved.
Written By Julie S.


Owner of Yoga Fusion Fitness Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher

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