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Understanding motivation and mindset to get you results

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Yesterday, I woke up in a serious funk! Nothing seemed doable, nothing seem possible. Have you ever had those days when you just feel like your running in a hamster wheel going no-where but running at lightning speed? Well that was me yesterday morning. I scrolled through Facebook looking for some motivation. I played a few mindless word games, I drank my morning cup of Joe while watching  TV hoping that the funk would pass. I went back to Facebook and wrote a post to one of the groups I was in looking for some assistance. I caved and said…”I’m stumped.” I admitted to the world that I was stuck. Once I did that, amazing things started happening.  I found myself getting a workout in, reading an article on how to grow my business, and I uncluttered my kitchen. From throwing out into the universe that I was stuck and stumped the universe came back at me with eye-opening experiences. These few minor things that I did motivated me and got my mindset into gear to get me the results I wanted. Productivity without feeling like a hamster spinning in a wheel.

While I was working out, I realized that my essential oils business was more than just an MLM. I let go of the “ugh, what did I get myself into with this stuff” mentality. I decided that I was going to be creative with the business. I went online after my workout was done and started looking for ways to use the oils that were innovative and useful not only to me but to my potential customers. I found a plethora of ideas and these sparked my imagination and I started getting creative. This creativity invoked productivity and my productivity slowly changed my mindset for the better.

Once my workout was complete and I had done my research online. I walked out into the kitchen and again, like walking into a brick wall, I was stopped. That brick wall was the mess that I called a kitchen. There was no room for anything. Clean pots and pans piling high on the counter, crock pot, roaster, toaster, blender, and a slew of other cooking utensils and products cluttered the counter space. The kitchen table was no better. Old mail, bags from the grocery store, boxes from packages, baby toys strewn across the entire table top…did I even have a table? The task of cleaning this tornado of a kitchen almost spiraled me right back to my funk.

 My positive motivation and my mindset took a set back. ” I could just walk away and leave it…” ” What’s one more day of a messy kitchen anyways?” Just as forcefully as the thoughts rushed in a big NO rushed out. No, I was not going to have this any more. No, I will put everything where it belongs and reclaim my counter tops and tables. Silly and small as these thoughts may have been, powerful and positive were the outcome of my efforts of putting my foot down and digging into the trenches. All of a sudden I saw a glimpse of counter space, I kept going. Then the table made an appearance. Slowly as things were put where they belonged, either in a cupboard or the garbage, the better my attitude got. I was motivated again my mindset was getting brighter  more positive.  I felt lighter. My brain started getting itchy to start creating again.

Once the kitchen was sparkling and clean, I jumped back online. I started posting, sharing and chatting with like-minded business women who inspired me to think about what I wanted to do. They congratulated me for uncluttering my kitchen and letting the universe know I needed some help. This positive external reinforcement helped me to be more productive in a forward moving rather than circular direction. But it was the internal motivation of taking pride in my space and being proud of my home that powered my creativity and long term determination to be successful.

So you are probably thinking what is motivation and why is it important and why and how does it affect my mindset. Great question. That is exactly where I am going to go next. Motivation is the drive to do something or accomplish something. It does not have to be anything grandiose, but it is what gets you out of  bed in the morning, it’s what gets you to work, it’s what moves you to finish a project. Motivation can be internal or external. Is the motivation coming from  outside of you or is it coming from the inside of you. For example external motivation could be something tangible like money, or other material possessions.  It could be intangible like wanting to please someone else or get someones approval. Where as internal motivation is usually all intangible. Feeling good about yourself, taking pride in your work or being fulfilled by your accomplishments.

How does this affect your mindset? I don’t know about you, but when I have accomplished something or I get rewarded for my efforts my mindset is much more positive than not. However, when I accomplish something and the feed back is more internal such as feeling good about myself, or pride in my work, the feeling of a positive mindset tends to last longer. Where as when I am rewarded with money or someone else’s pride, the feeling is much more temporary. This may not necessarily be the case for you. However, it is important to find what kind, internal or external, feeds your motivation and allows you to carry that mindset with you for long periods of time.
For example. Yesterday when I cleaned the kitchen. Of course I went to my Facebook friends and let them know what I did. Yes, I got lots of positive feed back and it felt good that people were telling me that I should be proud of  my clean kitchen. However, the ability to maintain my mindset of positive that is  carried over to today was internal. The personal pride I felt when I walked into the kitchen to see everything in its place. The energy I felt knowing I had done my 30 minutes of exercise and the information I was able to obtain by feeding my mind creative ways to expand my business were what helped me to wake up this morning and not be in a funk. I felt ready to go this morning and ready to tackle what ever was put in front of me.

So you say, I know what motivation is and I know what mindset is, how is this going to get me results? Great question! Once you understand how these two things go hand in hand, you will begin to see some awesome changes.  You must be careful though, because for what or for whom you are motivated to do something could backfire and set you back leaving you in a funk. Lets look at a few examples of how being different types of motivation can be a positive experience and a negative experience and then maybe you will understand.

Ex 1. Lizzy is motivated every morning to get up and go to work for her paycheck that she will receive on Friday. This is a good reason to be motivated, money in return for your work. However, she does not love her work and she dreads going in, but she does it for the financial reward. What do you think Lizzy’s mindset is? Is it positive or negative? My guess that her mindset is negative 9 times out of 10. Why? Because she is doing her work for the sole purpose of getting paid. Her mindset may be better on Friday when she gets her check, but by Monday she is right back to her negative mindset.  Will Lizzy ever be happy or fulfilled? Maybe but more than likely she will feel like she is running in that hamster wheel going nowhere.  This is EXTERNAL motivation doing something for something tangible.

Ex 2. Mindy is motivated every day to go to the gym so that she can look good for her husband.  Day in and day out she spends hours at the gym working out just to see that number on the scale come down. Today, Mindy steps on the scale and she sees that the numbers went up. She feels defeated, she decides it’s too much work she and she thinks about giving up. Yesterday when she stepped on the scale she was happy and today she steps on the scale and is sad. Everyday is a battle with the scale because Mindy’s motivation is EXTERNAL because her sense of pride and perception of self-worth is not hers its her husbands. This is external motivation for something intangible. What is Mindy’s mindset. Well, it’s all over the place and like Lizzy, Mindy too will be running that hamster wheel going nowhere.

Ex 3.  Nancy decides to write a book. She loves to write and is excited to finally sit down and start it. Over the next few weeks Nancy pours her soul into writing this book. When she is done she is so proud of her accomplishment. She turns it in to the publisher and it gets rejected. Nancy is bummed but she reads the comments and hustles back to work making corrections and revising her work. She turns it in again. She gets rejected again. Ready to give up, Nancy walks over to the garbage. She looks at the book, she looks at her garbage. Not sure if this is the right thing to do she lifts the lid, but the book will not leave her hands. This was her heart and soul that she poured into this and she is having a hard time parting with it. She pulls back her hand and closes the lid. She walks back to the computer opens up the crumpled copy she was going to throw away and gets back to work editing it again and revising it again. This time she turns it into a second publisher. She receives an offer in the mail. They liked it they accepted it. She beams with delight. Nancy was thrilled that she was going to be published.  While there is some external motivation here, the acceptance of being published. The bulk of the motivation was INTERNAL and INTANGIBLE. It was her pride, it was her determination, it was her positive mindset that allowed her to push through. She didn’t let being rejected stop her from reaching her dream. Her mindset tends to be positive long-term most days because her successes are not dependent upon approval from anyone else. She took those no’s and turned them to a yes for her sake. She realized that her hard work and effort was too precious to throw away and give up on.

Are you starting to get it? Do you see why its important to know your motivation and mindset. Being able to understand this sets you apart from the hamster wheel runners it puts you in the midst of the marathon runners racing for the finish line. It puts you in the direction of heading to the top and reaching your goals what ever they may be.  I encourage you to take a moment and think about what motivates you. Who are you? Are you the hamster in the endless wheel or are you the marathoner with the vision of the finish line? After yesterday, I know I don’t want to be the hamster. Start small, it may just be a workout, a clean kitchen or a book that you read that could catapult you to reaching your highest potential.
In good health!


Owner of Yoga Fusion Fitness Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher

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