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The Little Ant on my journey to finding Calm in the Crazy!

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Yesterday morning I woke up disgruntled and agitated. Everything set me off and there was nothing that could calm my nerves.  My normal morning cup of coffee and email check was disrupted by a phone call from one of my credit cards that I thought was paid off and I flew through the roof. Expletives were spewed in every which direction and I was fuming!

After finally straightening things out, which was fairly simple, I was still reeling from the adrenaline rush, a rush that never really should have been happening in the first place. I walked out to the studio and sat down to find a little ant crawling on the counter top. Not really wanting to kill the thing, I flicked it off the counter and it flew and landed on its feet like nothing ever happened. As if it hadn’t been airborne for 10 seconds and like it never got touched. I starred at it thinking little shit isn’t even bothered by being abruptly flung from his original destination.  He just made the climb back to the top.

I wanted to fling him off a second time, but I didn’t.  What stopped me I am not to sure, but maybe it was the fact that if this little ant can over come such a large fall, and still land on his feet, maybe I can too.  So I let him be, to continue on his journey where ever that may have been.  I laughed out loud cursing the little ant because he was  teaching me a lesson and didn’t even know it.  While I was screaming at my frustrations over trivial things like credit card payments and time being spent agitated at nothing, it was stopping me from being productive, from being happy, from moving toward my ultimate destination. This little ant experienced similar disruption, probably felt that feeling of falling, and being out of control, but managed to land soundly on his 6 little legs and continue his journey. He may have been a few steps behind, but none the less he carried on like nothing ever happened.  Normally something like this would not have even crossed my mind but yesterday things were different I was already on high alert. It stopped me, as it climbed back up on to the counter completely unscathed.

Again I laughed, this time at myself for getting so caught up in such trivial things. Honestly, all it took was a simple conversation with a representative and the credit card issue was quickly resolved, and as far as the unexplainable agitation I was experiencing that morning, it suddenly felt to small to continue to hang on to.  As the little ant continued to meander along the counter, I watched him just doing his thing, living his life.
I instantly started to calm down and get off my negative spell.  Smiling I grabbed a piece of paper and gently picked him up and placed him outside so that he could continue his journey back to his home or to find food or whatever else he had planned for the day. As he walked off the paper and out on to the side walk, I sent him off with a little thanks! After that, I too went about my day and did what I needed to do without placing such stress on myself so that I could  enjoy the little things the rest of the day! It made my journey for that day a heck of a lot easier and much more relaxed and enjoyable.

Isn’t that how things should be? Who knew a little ant could teach me such a big lesson that day, one I am fully aware of, but happened to forget in my fit of furry. He taught me resilience and perseverance will ultimately get me where I need to be.  Just as he practiced perseverance and resilience after getting flung off the counter he didn’t get frustrated and let himself succumb to the hard tile floor.  I too can land on my feet after what may feel like a hard floor, free falling from 100 feet, and be “OK” just like my little ant friend.

Written By Julie S.


Owner of Yoga Fusion Fitness Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher

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