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Today I found an amazing new tea and felt the need to blog about it and the amazing benefits of tea’s in general. Two weeks ago I decided that I was going to give myself a little break from coffee. I just needed a little hyatus from it nothing major really I just was not feeling it. That’s when my attention turned to the tea that we keep here at the studio. It’s an awesome blend of tea’s from Harney and Sons.  The first one I tried was African Autumn, then there was Hot Cinnamon Spice, and the newest one I ventured into trying was called SOHO which is a combination of chocolate and coconut.

The first  tea was herbal and the SOHO was a black tea and the Hot Cinnamon Spice was a mixture of black teas and other ingredients. To quote the container the African Autumn  “Captures African Red Bush, that is tempured by cranberry and orange flavors.”  I had never had or smelled an African Red Bush so I hesitated when I opened the tin. However, what greeted me when I opened it was a lively aroma or many fruity flavors, the cranberry and orange quickly diminished any fearI had of brewing this tea. As the hot water hit the tea sachet, I felt a calming sensation come over me. It was awesome.  Cranberry and orange splashed my tongue as I took my first sip and immediately I was in complete bliss. It was then and there that my tastebuds were tantilized with the awesomeness that is herbal tea.

Hot Cinnamon Spice was an impulse buy, I am not going to lie. I was going over to the store for another tin of African Autumn and I got a wiff of this spicy sweet treat.  The smell alone was all the convincing I needed. Happy with my double purchase of teas, I walked back to my studio to brew this new tin of deliciousness. Fresh cinnamon kicked back as the hot water splashed into my cup. I felt like a kid a christmas as the sweet and gentle spice of the tea gracefully tickled my tongue. It was magical. I think I consumed the entire tin in a week.

I knew the store where I purchased the tea was going to be bringing in their Christmas blend and I was so excited to try it so I took a little walk down the street to see if I could get another Hot Cinnamon Spice and a Christmas Blend Tea.  Sadly, they had sold the last tin the day before. Disappointed I asked if they had anything similar.  Unfortunately they did not but, to my surprise they just got a chocolate tea that was mixed with coconut. I like chocolate and I like coconut. I hesitated though because I have tried other chocolate teas and was very disheartened by their lack of chocolaty goodness. Seeing though, as I had not been disappointed by this brand of tea yet, I thought I would give the tea named SOHO a try.
Again, I was not disappointed by this flavorful delight! The chocolate was just as distinct as the coconut and each flavor held true to itself. I was in heaven.  As the tea sat in the hot water the chocolate got bolder and the coconut gave it nice sweet finish. Another amazing tea to add to my repetoir. It was after this round of tea that I felt compelled to do a little research and talk about the tea-mazing benefits of drinking this wonderful sachet of bliss.

What I found not only gave me another great reason to unwind with a cup of tea but it also has peaked my interest in the health benefits and how it can help people live a better life. Some of the common health benefits include:
1. Calm state of mind
2. Promotes wellness and energy
3. Lowers blood pressure
4. Improves skin
5. Strengthens the immune system

All I have to say after all of this is THANK YOU Harney and Sons for providing an awesome product with quality ingredients. It is because of my experience with their tea’s that I have been made aware of the brilliant tastes and health benefits that tea can offer!
Written By Julie S.


Owner of Yoga Fusion Fitness Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher

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