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skinny cow fat arteries.

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I was at the grocery store and was craving something sweet. So as I perused the aisle I saw the Skinny Cow Brand and reached for the Heavenly Chocolate Crisp Bars. I completely enjoyed every last bite of my bar and proud of my decision to choose a low calorie treat.  I added that to my list of acceptable things to help curb my chocolate craving.  One day while enjoying a Skinny Cow  Crisp, I turned the wrapper over, having read the nutrition label, I switched to the ingredient list.  To my horrified surprise  hydrogenated palm kernel oil was with in the first three ingredients. To me this is scary because everything I have read and been told say that if its in the top of the ingredient list its one of the most concentrated ingredients.

I understand that treats are something that should be eaten sparingly so ingredients should not be something that worry me when enjoying the food. However, even when I want something sweet, I still want it to be something that my body is not going to hate me for later. I think that it is important that our food should be REAL and natural. Not necessarily organic, but natural, with ingredients that are fresh and come from the earth.  I know that your thinking what about a nice fresh piece of fruit? Well I can say that I eat a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, but every once in a while chocolate just sounds so tempting! I eat dark chocolate I love dark chocolate but that day I was at the store I wanted something crunchy and chocolaty. Everything looked right about the Skinny Cow Crisp. That is what I am getting at and that is what should have sent off red flag signals that maybe its too good to be true, and it was.

What this has taught me, and hopefully makes you more likely to read beyond the FDA does not require companies to list nutritional values that are less that a certain gram/serving. For example if partially hydrogenated oils make up less than 1g per serving then it does not have to be listed on the nutrition label.  To me this is a bit scary because whether there is  .0001g or 1g of an ingredient that can not be metabolised by the body and clogs the arteries it should be listed. Upon knowing if there are hydrogenated “trans” fats in my foods regardless of amount would then allow me to make a better decision as to whether or not I want to eat it. Maybe that day, I would or maybe that day I would not. Either way, I can make an informed and educated decision about what I am about to consume.

This time it happened to be skinny cow, next time who knows, but what ever the brand is, what ever the product is, if its not in the produces section, I plan on reading the ingredients. Trans fats (hydrogenated oils) keep shelf life so I understand that it may be used in the boxed food aisles, but now I can be hypersensitive to read my labels along with the INGREDIENTS list. The blog is not anti skinny cow, its about being aware of all product their claims and their choice of ingredients.

Written By Julie S.


Owner of Yoga Fusion Fitness Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher

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