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Sip a cup of coffee

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As I drive up to the local coffee shop drive thru and ask for a medium coffee the first question that they ask after “how may I help you?” Is would you like cream and sugar in your coffee? I simply reply no thank you. The next response is “black?” I say yes please. Then they hesitantly provide me with price and I pull through to get my coffee.

Lifting up the lid to check that no cream or sugar had been added I take a deep breath and inhale the wonderful scents that come from my warm coffee cup. Just the aroma is exactly what I need to get my 5am day started. The first sip is perfect just the right amount of bitterness along with a smooth finish.
I drink coffee not just for the pure enjoyment of it but I also drink it cause it is full of antioxidants which have been shown to provide benefits to ones overall health and well being.

According to Web MD they have found that “coffee helps to decrease the risk of type II diabetes, Parkinson disease, dementia, and strokes. They also found that there is magnesium and chromium both of which are important in insulin and diabetes management.”

Of course there are some not so great things about coffee in that it has caffeine, a diuretic, and is also know as a stimulant which puts one at a higher risk of high blood pressure. However, if your a regular coffee drinker more than likely your body is used to the caffeine effects and blood pressure tends to adjust. Also make sure that you do not use coffee as a substitute for water as it sounds crazy because coffee is made with water, but it will dehydrate you because of the caffeine s diuretic effects.

Just as anything it is important to remember everything in moderation. So the next time you get your morning cup of Joe remember to take the time to smell the aromas and taste the greatness that not only jump starts your day but also provides your body with many benefits! Just skip the cream and sugar or you will be wearing the benefits of coffee!

Written By Julie S.


Owner of Yoga Fusion Fitness Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher

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