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Essential Oils and Why I Choose DoTerra

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I have been doing a lot of research on the internet lately on essential oils. I love them for many reasons probably enough to write a blog post on each one. However, today I write because I wanted to share why I chose doTerra Essential Oils over others.

1. doTerra oils are extremely high quality. From plant to bottle doTerra has high expectations and quality assurances.
Here is a video about (26 mins) about how doterra tests their products!

2. doTerra oils compared to drugstore and grocery store brands are far superior in terms of scent, feel and effectiveness. I am not going to mention any particular brand except that it was purchased at a grocery store. When I opened it, it did not have that fresh right from the grove smell. It had a musty imitation smell and did not leave me feeling as good as when I open a new bottle of doTerra essential oil.

3. If I choose to work the business end of doTerra, I have the opportunity to make some money. For me using and sharing these oils is more of a hobby that I choose not develop into a business. doTerra is ok with that. I am not pressured to purchase month over month unless I want to or unless I chose to develop the business. In which case it is my responsibility as an advocate to make sure that I have 100 in personal volume each month to get commissions from what my down line sells. If I just choose to share, then once a month I get a little commission check from the retail sales of sharing the oils from my website.

4. I just love them. I love the oils. I love that they are versatile and easy to use. I love that I can turn to natural alternatives to help me recover from colds and clean my house.
If you are interested in seeing for yourself if doTerra is right for you checkout my site!

my personal favs:
Deep Blue Rub (Pain Management)
Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint (allergies, Cleaning, Sleep)
Tea Tree Oil (Mellalucia) – ( sinuses)


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