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2 donuts and a diet coke?

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Call me crazy, but the last time I checked a diet soda is not going to cancel out the two vanilla cream filled donuts you just consumed in less than 5 minutes. Ok, let me back this up because there is a story behind this, but first I needed to get that out of my system.

Alright, so today I was sitting at Tim Hortons between class and seeing a client enjoying a cup of coffee.  Now, I am not opposed to sweets or the occasional donut because I have, over the years, learned that everything in moderation helps a person maintain a healthy lifestyle and healthy weight. However, in this particular situation moderation was far from being observed.

Before becoming too critical, I stood in line and watched the order commence. The woman asked for two vanilla cream donuts, a diet coke, a coffee double double, and a chocolate pastry.  My first thought was that maybe a third person was going to be joining her and her husband for breakfast. This, however, was not the case. So then my next thought was maybe they were gonna bring it home to share or eat later. The husband takes his coffee and chocolate pastry and leasurely reads the paper and chats with his wife. His wife also riffling through the paper, eats the first donut and then proceeds to eat the second donut before the husband even finishes his pastry and coffee. Trying not to stare I return to thinking about what my blog should be about today, then it hit me, and I began taking mental notes about what I was observing. I started to ask myself why and how? Why did she need to eat two donut? Why was she not satisfied with just one? How did she eat two donuts without feeling sick or stuffed? How was she able to justify that it was “ok” for her to eat two donuts? Unfortunately without being rude and asking, I can not answer these questions from her perspective.  What it did however, was give me something to mull over and think about.

My first thought was that maybe she was hungry and thought that two donuts would fill her up and then she would not have to eat anything for a long while.  Alright, that would make sense, but donuts are purely sugar and fat, surely in an hour she would be hungry again? I know I would be starved if all I ate for breakfast was two donuts.

Then my mind flipped, forget being hungry, what about the damage its doing to her arteries and heart and blood sugar levels? Is the instant gratification of eating a donut really worth putting your health at risk? Personally, for me, it is not. I mean don’t get me wrong,  I enjoy my sweets as well, but it really was not about the donut, but rather it was about the quantity of donuts that had been consumed.

Finally my mind again did a 180 and I found myself thinking about her self confidence and her ability to make decisions that ultimately are harming her. I thought maybe she is having a stressful day and she feels that eating that extra donut will help her calm down. Or maybe she just tried a diet plan and failed and was eating that extra donut as punishment for failing yet another program and feeling helpless. It was then that I found myself feeling less critical and more sad for her.  I felt sad for her because it dawned on me that she is not the only person out there that does this, and that this is partially why Americans are obese, have Diabetes, Heart Disease and high cholesterol. Not to mention feelings of depression, hopelessness and defeat.

While I can only hope that the last few thoughts I had watching this woman consumer her donuts and diet coke, were not the case. I hope that maybe reading this little story you will think twice before going for seconds. With that said, I am going to offer a bit of advice that I personally use myself so that I can keep myself in check and give my body the opportunity to live life to the fullest.

1. Slow DOWN!
2. Enjoy the item that you are currently eating
3. Ask your self, is it worth it? Do I really want that because I am truly hungry or because it’s just there?
4. Is there something that I can substitute instead of having a second calorie dense item such as a piece of fruit?
5. Is this food item nourishing me and fueling me for the day ahead or is it a filler something that is going to ultimately provide me no nutritional value?

If you are able to REALLY TRULY answer these questions in order to justify the second helping…then by all means dig in. However, something tells me that when it comes to highly processed, desserts, sweets, and pastries, the right answers are going to walk you away from the table or steer you from ordering that extra donut!
In good health!

Written By Julie S.


Owner of Yoga Fusion Fitness Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher

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