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I Am In Network Marketing & I Really Do Want To Help YOU!

You look great! What are you doing? I hesitate because I know the look I will get when I tell them the program I am using. It is not so much about the program,but rather the industry in which the program operates.

I wish I had background music it would sound something like this “dun, dun duuuuhhhhhh” network marketing. YES, I said it, shame on me, network marketing that shameful and gross sleezy sales business where everyone has a motive and everyone is out to get you for something.

I wish I had background music it would sound something like this “dun, dun duuuuhhhhhh” network marketing. YES, I said it, shame on me, network marketing that shameful and gross sleezy sales business where everyone has a motive and everyone is out to get you for something.

I have been having this conversation with a few other people in the same industry, different businesses but business model is that of network marketing. What we all find sad is that the few people who have come before us, and who might be among us in our particular companies, who choose to take the hard, blunt, and down right rude approach, are the ones who create havoc and make the road for those of us who work with integrity challenging. This can be said and true for almost every industry not just network marketing. However, it just seems that when I answer the question, you look great what are you doing? And I reply, xyz company, I get eye rolls, and INSTANT objections thrown at me because they fear that I have become … one of them. The person who tries to ruthlessly recruit them. That person who will only talk about and be obsessed with the company I work with.  They fear that I am going to think less of them because they are not doing what I am doing. Yes, part of this is on them, their fears or perceptions. However, those fears and perceptions would not be there if they had not been conditioned to guard themselves and put a wall up. They would not be there had the reps who work their business, had done so with honesty, integrity and kept in mind that the people they are approaching are human too.
Is this what this industry has turned into? People shaming others into doing something they do not want to do? Not having a life outside of our companies and thinking everyone needs to think like us or they are wrong? That we in network marketing see everyone who walks around us do so with a dollar sign on their forehead? If that is the case, then that is sad. Now, it is my job not only to share with those who are interested, but also at the same time make sure that people who work with me know that I am not out to scam them or force them to do something they do not want to do. Now I have to convince who ever I tell what company I work with, that I am not like that creepy sales person who manipulated them into having a party, or harassed their friends after they purchased, to have a party of their own.
I am in network marketing and when I get pitched by reps from other companies it disgusts me at some of the ways people go about it. Seriously, this is just perpetuating the problem people. It is making network marketing reps look about as reliable and honest as  politicians. #sorrynotsorry. Some people I will not even tell I am in a network marketing company. Some people do not know that I use products from a network marketing company. Why? Because they did not ask and therefore I can easily assess that they are not interested at this time to know. When I do get asked, I talk with discretion. I do not automatically consider it an invitation to pitch and sell. I merely talk about it from my perspective and what I like about it like any other casual topic of conversation. If no other questions are asked, I move on to other topics. If and when I do get asked more questions, and I do pitch to others, I make it very clear to each and every person whom I am talking to about the product, exactly what my intentions are for them. I am very clear and upfront about why I think that they should partake in the either the products or the business I am in. I am not saying that my way is the best way, but I am saying that I am working with integrity and making sure that people know, like and trust what my motives are and know like and trust me as a person.
Over the last few weeks I have had the unfortunate pleasure of being involved with network marketers that taught me and enforced my belief of how I should NEVER talk to either some one who is just curious,  a potential customer, or a down-line member.  This is what I took away from the interactions I came across.

If someone says no, the answer is no. Maybe not forever, but for the time being. My rule of thumb is that once a person has expressed to me that they are not interested, then I drop it. I  move on to other topics. I am not in the business of convincing because then the person is not working or doing from a place of true motivation they will eventually fall off the wagon because it is not their passion. The end result usually ends up either ruining a friendship or burning a bridge for future relations.

I do not force my family and friends to do what I am doing. If they are curious about it, then sure I share with them. In the end however, family and friends, unless they are truly as excited and into it as I am, are and will be your most challenging people to work with, and again, why ruin a relationship over a business transaction.

When asking questions about another reps company do not make them feel like they made a poor choice with the company they chose first. It is classless and tasteless to say things that cause your potential recruit or customer to feel like crap for choosing a different company. For example, the other day, I was approached by a rep from another company, she did everything in her power to make me feel as if I did not do my research and that the company I chose, because it was not her’s, was not superior. Every person is going to work with a company that aligns with them. Would you make your friend or acquaintance feel badly about shopping at Walmart over Target or for buying Nike over New Balance? No, hopefully you would not…So don’t do it to another network marketer or their company. You never know when they will be looking for a new company or looking to work for a company that melds well with the one they are with. You might just have burned a very lucrative bridge.

If you do have a down-line, when or if they choose to leave, don’t make them feel like crap for doing so. I mean really, they have worked or maybe not worked, hard for you to get your commissions and help you grow your team. Respect them for the time they spent and respect their decision to move on. Keep in mind that your down-line rep might like the product, but might not be interested, or in a place to work the business. You never know when they may feel in alignment or if their path recrosses. If you treat them like crap and make them feel like they betrayed you or let you down, you might just lose them not only as a customer, but also as a consultant if they choose to start up again. They will look elsewhere because they will remember how you treated them.

When you are working with someone, always give them an out. For example: When I signed on two new clients to the company that I am working with, I let them know, you do not have to sell the products, you can just be a loyal customer. You may however, get asked what you are doing because you will start changing and people are going to be curious as to what you are using. If you want to sign them up under you I would be happy to share with you at that time how the opportunity works. If you want to share with them what you are doing, but you do not want to deal with having a business, then I would be very grateful if you just referred them to me and I can chat with them about what they want their journey to be.  This way, they can feel comfortable, that you will either guide them on the journey for the whole aspect of the program soup to nuts or or just guide them as a customer. This way as a customer and or as a business partner or they will feel comfortable and good about referring people to you. This has been super successful for me, and my clients appreciate that I share this with them. They get bombarded with enough sales and stuff to deal with, I should not be one of the things that causes them stress, I should be the solution, not the problem.

I am tired of having to defend my choices in how and why I run the type of business I do. I want to be proud of my chosen profession and be seen by my peers and those who know me as someone who works with integrity. My hope is that as representatives of network marketing companies, we can ban together to create a new era where people do not smell us coming a mile a way and run and hide when they see us coming out of fear. Rather I want them to say YES come over here tell me about what you have going on, I want to know more.  It would be nice if we as network marketers are seen as leaders in our industries and we come together to uplift and support each other on this journey to health, wellness, financial freedom, more for our families etc. Rather than treating each other as rivals, we treat each other as team mates and commend each other for our achievements and feel confident if we do not have what someone is looking for that we can refer them to someone who has what they need. You never know, the favor might be returned. In this way we can build relationships and grow our businesses to their fullest potential.

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Me time? What’s that? I don’t have time for that!

As the busy individuals that we all are, it can be hard to justify taking time for ourselves. I am just as guilty of it as the next person, but being aware of my inability to justify personal time has made me realize how important it is to our everyday lives and living our best life. What I have come to find is that if I do not take even 20 minutes for myself to do whatever I want to do, whether its take a nap, do a quick workout, or read a book, I burn out much  more quickly than  if I didn’t do these things. It does not have to be all three but at least one of them helps me to be more productive and have more energy. Let’s talk about why this happens and how we can achieve this ultimate balance between giving and taking.

Our bodies are like machines they function only as well as we take care of them. If we neglect our car by not taking it for oil changes or tune ups it falls apart faster. When we overload our computer with too much information it crashes. When we take a back seat to our health by eating junk food, not getting enough sleep or running ourselves ragged we begin to fall apart as well.  The problem is that we put more value on taking care of our material things but we do not value the one thing that allows us to use those material things…our bodies and our minds. We only acknowledge ones sacrifices at the expense of their own health. We only recognize people when they have given so much of themselves that they fall ill and can not do it any more. It is then we not only consider them virtuous but we also pity them. We say things like “They should have taken a rest or a break.”  “They should have taken a little time for themselves.” The problem is that no one views taking a  break as noble or virtuous, rather they think that it’s being lazy or unproductive. People are looked down upon when they are not busting their butt or running themselves ragged. The problem we are having with this is that eventually we are going to break. Either as a person or a society or both.

We have to take care of ourselves and be OK doing so. The best way that I have found to be OK with taking time for myself is that I remind myself daily, that in order to give my best to my work, my family, and my friends, I have to give back to myself. When I am my best self or best version of myself, I can give more and be more for those that need me. It is a phrase that I have to tell myself everyday. So what do I do? I do a 20 minute yoga video. I do 20 minutes on the elliptical, I take a nap when the baby naps.  Do I feel guilty as I am falling asleep because there is laundry that needs to get done, there are dishes that need to get done, I have blog posts to write.  HELL YES!! Yes, I feel awful, but I remind myself, I can get 10x more done if I am rested and ready to take on tasks. My blog posts will have better content because my brain is fully functioning. I will be able to do more laundry and more dishes plus other things that I might have just left because I was too tired or unmotivated.

Another reason I am so insistent on taking care of myself is because I want my daughter to value herself and her time and her life. I want to set a good example for her so that she can understand that being stressed to the max is not as productive as we all think that it is.  The thought process of thinking that being stressed is going to give better results is a fallacy. It is ingrained in our brains by a few successes that our brain associates with when we are successful when we are stressed. In the short term this may  be effective, but in the long term it is really setting us up for failure because our bodies will fail. Our brains and our bodies will give out on us. So, I do not want my daughter to see me doing this and think that this is an OK way to be.

You are probably thinking, how can I do this and make it a habit to take time for self care.  These are my top 5 ways that work for me and hopefully they will work for you. These are persona,l so some of them may work and some may not. However, I suggest you give them a try and see what works for you.  Hopefully, there will be one thing that sticks with you and helps you feel a little better about taking better care of yourself.

Daily affirmation: ” I am worthy of taking time for myself and doing good for me. I give my best when I feel my best. I can only do this if I am healthy and put myself first.”

Block 20-30 minutes of “ME” time in your schedule just as you would checking emails or other work activities.

Set boundaries. It’s important that people know that you are human too and that you deserve personal time. Maybe you could not take calls before 9am or after 7pm. Maybe you stop answering emails after 5pm or sit and have a conversation with your family about chipping in to help with household chores and activities.

Think about things that you love to do and make a list. Check them off as you would any other check list so that you can see how taking personal time is helping you achieve your own goals.

Just start doing something for you. Forget about being selfish, because you are not. Forget about feeling badly, because you deserve to feel your best. Live your best life and take a little time for yourself…take a little “ME” time!

These are the 5 things that I do to help remind me to take time for myself. Will it be work and will you experience anxiety as you work on this? YES! It’s important that we take this time though for our own well being. I encourage you to remind yourself that you are worth 20-30 minutes of time for yourself. I encourage you to step outside of the thoughts that you are being lazy or unproductive. See that taking time for yourself will make you more productive and less lazy, more healthy and be able to give more than ever before!!

In good health!


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New Energy, New Opportunities, New Starts.

The one thing I never thought I would have to worry about is my energy levels. I was so used to running circles going to bed and doing it again that I felt like it was boundless. It was wonderful, I felt like Wonder Woman. I felt like I could do anything and achieve anything, and then I didn’t.

It’s like one day I woke up, and it was gone. I could not understand it. At first I attributed it to being a new mother. Not getting enough sleep, always being on alert and just all the new stuff that came along with being a new mom.  I figured once I started sleeping a bit more and I got into a routine, I would start to feel more like myself again.

Three months passed, six months, a year, nothing. I was back to working again, my daughter was sleeping through the night, I was eating healthfully, and I was exercising regularly. I should have been feeling more energized, yet daily I woke up feeling as if I could sleep longer, the days dragged on and I was always tired and I was hungry all the time.

I decided that I needed to do something but I was not sure what. So I started with the basics going to bed a bit earlier, getting into a routine where after the baby got settled to bed, I went and relaxed. I added more fruit and vegetables to my diet for vitamins and minerals. I increased the protein in take to help satiate my hunger. It worked for a little while, but then the feeling wore off.

I decided to try a program that a friend of mine was doing, it was a vitamin supplement that was supposed to fill in the gap from what I was missing from my regular food intake. My energy levels increased a little bit but I was still hungry all the time and I really saw no significant changes after a month of being on the vitamin. I needed something more. I needed something that was comprehensive, well rounded and could help me stay on track with my health and fitness goals.

Not long after I had decided what I wanted, I was introduced to Isagenix. A nutritional supplement company that seemed to have everything that I was looking for, but when something has what you are looking for, you know the first thing that comes to mind is that it has to be too good to be true. For another almost eight months, I avoided the conversation with the woman who introduced it to me, but I stayed in touch with her to learn more quietly and just observe.

Finally, being sick and tired of being sick and tired, I decided it was time to do something. So I went over to the Isagenix website and took a look around.  I picked out a few things that I thought, I might like and pushed send. The woman who I had originally talk to saw that I had made a purchase and she contacted me. We chatted a bit and I said I like the stuff, but I was not sure if it was really making all the difference.

That was when she explained to me that I really needed to follow the system. I hesitated. I did not want to lose weight, I didn’t need to lose weight. Then she explained to me that I would not really lose much if I had nothing to lose. That if I followed the system, I would be resetting my body and clearing it of toxins and refilling myself with nutrient rich products that would help to increase my energy. A few days later I purchased my first pack.

Three days later, I was sleeping better. More soundly. Five days later, I noticed that my energy levels were elevated through the course of the day. I felt better. Nine days later, I lost that bloated feeling that I had gotten used to and figured was normal. A month later, I started to develop real muscle tone ( I could see the nice shape of my muscles in my arms with out having to flex) and I had definition in my abdominal area, something that no matter how much I trained, I never was able to accomplish. So not only was I feeling better but I was looking better and it was then that I realized that I had finally found what I was looking for.

It has been three almost  four months now, and my energy level has been staying up. I feel like I can take on the day like I used to, before I became a mom. I no longer feel like I am dragging and pushing my way through my day. I wish eight months ago, a little bug had whispered in my ear that Isagenix was definitely not going to be too good to be true.  That Isagenix was going to be the solution to my dilemma of lacking energy and not only that it would fortify my over all health in general. I am so grateful that I met the women who introduced me to Isagenix and I am lucky to now call her a friend. She gave me the tools I needed to finally feel like wonder woman again and be the mom, wife and now business owner that I have always wanted to be.

Want more information? You can visit my website at 

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The Day I Decided To Take Action

As an entrepreneur it is so important that you take time to take care of yourself. Eating right and exercising are just some of the ways that you can do that.

Sometimes though, despite your best efforts to eating right and exercise, you are just missing some nutrients that could be leaving you feeling drained and lacking energy.

That is what happened to me. I felt like there was no amount of sleep that I could get to feel awake. Keeping up with my exercise which consists of<span class=”text_exposed_show”> a regular yoga practice and running and strength training was getting harder and hard to maintain as I picked up more clients and tried to keep up with my daughter who is on the run now!</span>
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This was NOT how I had pictured my business growing or me as a mom. I LOVE what I do and I LOVE being a mom, and I felt like a fraud as a yoga teacher and personal trainer and a failure at being the mom I wanted to be. I could not understand it. I eat healthfully, I have learned over the course of my education how to build healthy meals and make sure that I am taking in enough lean proteins, healthy fats, and fruits and veggies. Yet, wanting to get up in the morning was a struggle, and my last client of the night was spent with me apologizing for the yawns because I was not bored or uninterested, I was just plain tired and I could not understand it.

The none day, after a bit of time sitting on my solution and telling my friend, I want to do it my way, I decided, what do I have to lose? I made ONE simple change. I called my friend and said, lets to this, the whole thing, I am tired of being tired. So I jumped on board and made ONE addition to my already healthy lifestyle, and with in a month, I felt amazing. Yoga and running and lifting weights became not as challenging, My first client of the day was shocked at how I had color in my face and my last client of the day was curious as to what I was doing because I did not look like I was going to pass out on her floor. But more importantly I was being more active and playing more with my daughter. That is what really made me happy.

Every day you have the opportunity to make a choice and change. If what you are doing day over day is not working you can not expect the outcome to ever change. When you are done spinning on the hamster wheel like I was and you want to see a change you need to make a change. This is true for life and business. In order to be the person you want to be you need to be willing to take the leap and make the change! I encourage you today if you see patterns in your life that are not working, to stand up and say enough! Then take the bull by the horns and make the changes necessary to be the person you always saw yourself becoming!

Want to know more about the ONE THING I changed? I added Isagenix to my already healthy eating program. It was easy and simple to do and I was able to notice a change in 9 days and to me that was worth its weight in gold!!  Learn more about Isagenix by doing two things 1. Like my Facebook page: “”

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I hope to see you and answer any questions that you might have!!

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