Parallels Between Yoga and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is an interesting ride. One moment you are flying high and doing well the next minute you are hoping to meet your next client or make ends meet. One moment everything is flowing and growing the way you want it to  and the next minute you are stuck, unable to reach the next level, and things are not going as planned.

Entrepreneurship is a lot like yoga. One moment you are flying and soaring in your favorite pose, the next minute you might be wobbling and tipping over and unsteady in that same pose. Sometimes you are flowing from pose to pose with ease and other days you are struggling to hold and focus in poses and you lack flow and feel stuck.

The parallels are incredible and practicing yoga regularly gives me the opportunity to explore those parallels. Usually when I am stuck in business or life I find that it shows up during my yoga practice as well. Same holds true in the opposite direction when I am stuck or unsteady on my yoga mat, usually there is something going on in my life or business that I am struggling with or unsure about.

For me personally I am usually stuck when it comes to trusting myself and I find that I have the hardest time with poses that require me to trust my gut and strength. Poses where this shows up are in balancing poses, and poses that require concentration and steadfastness such as the warriors. An example of this for myself is when I practice Warrior II. This strong grounded and focus pose was and still sometimes is challenging for me because I would find myself questioning everything, unable to focus and not feel confident in my ability to hold still. In poses like Warrior III and Eagle Pose where core strength is required sometimes my ability to tap into this strength to engage my core was and sometimes also still is a challenge and I believe a direct correlation between how well I listen to and accept my intuition and gut feelings and my response to them.  When I am steadfast and steady, I know that I am in alignment with my intuition and my direction. When I experience wobbliness and instability I know that usually I am struggling with change and decisions.  I know that when I am feeling this way, at the end of my practice I consciously take the time to sit quietly and allow myself to gauge how well I think that I can either let go and allow myself to trust that everything will be OK or if I need to question further and investigate more the choices and decisions that I am looking to make. My goal is to make sure that as I grow I stay in alignment with my business while also choosing options that allow me to grow and thrive with in that value.

This is why I am so dedicated to my regular practice. As I have practiced, my ability to listen to my gut and trust my intuition has gotten so much stronger. My ability to trust that I can persevere, and reach my goals is now focused and and grounded and continues to keep getting more focused and grounded as I spend time growing in my yoga practice. This has allowed me to make decisions for my business and life that are positive and allow me to reach my fullest potential and expression in all areas of my business and life.